Walt Buland played for the Minneapolis Marines (1907-09, 1911-17)

Walter Daniel “Fat” Buland from Minneapolis played mostly right tackle for the Minneapolis Marines (1907-09, 1911-17) and as a ringer for West Duluth (1916). During his time with the Marines, he worked as a shipping clerk and then as a policeman for the Soo Line Railroad. Buland served in the 122nd Machine Gun Battalion during World War I and fought in the trenches near Amiens, France, and in the battle of Saint-Mihiel. After the war, Buland played football for the Rock Island Independents (1917, 1919-21, 1924, 1927), coached and played for the Hibbing All-Stars (1922-23, 1925), and played for the Green Bay Packers (1924) and Duluth Eskimos (1926). Born February 7, 1892, Buland passed away on May 26, 1937.

Read more in Mill City Scrum, the history of Minnesota's first team in the National Football League.

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