Nate Barrager played for the Minneapolis Red Jackets (1930)


Nathan Robert Barrager, center
Nathan Robert Barrager from Los Angeles, California, played football for the University of Southern California (1927-29) and captained the team. Barrager is seen here in Trojans uniform from a photograph published in the Oakland Tribune. In the National Football League, he played center for the Minneapolis Red Jackets (1930) and he played for the Frankford Yellow Jackets (1930-31) and Green Bay Packers (1931-32, 1934-35). After football, Barrager worked in Hollywood as an assistant director, production manager, and actor. He worked on films, including Hondoand Sands of Iwo Jima, and on television series, including Bonanza, the Rifleman, the Roy Rogers Show, the Gene Autry Show, and the Adventures of Superman. Born June 3, 1907, Barrager passed away on August 10, 1985.

Read more in Mill City Scrum, the history of Minnesota's first team in the National Football League.

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